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Our 1S Face Shield Kit includes:

1 Clear Plastic Shield

1 Head Visor with Foam 

1 Cleaning Solution Wipe 

1 Adjustable Elastic Strap

DP Defender 1S Face Shield Kit

SKU: 20088-001-FG02
Color: Blue
  • Our product is made of lightweight recyclable materials designed for complete protection against ANY spray, splatter, droplets, dust, oil, and smoke suitable to wear in ANY environment.


    A key design element for us when creating our shield was to take on a greener approach allowing for reusability that can instate a longer user cycle with minimal care for our customers unlike other shields. Another main factor for us was making sure our users felt comfortable wearing our shield for an extended amount of time, and that they could easily adjust their head visor with our strong elastic strap. In doing so, we had local doctors and dentists use our shields and offer us feedback.  Here are some of their testimonials:


    “It’s my #1 choice while working on the frontlines. The DP Defender is strong, lightweight, comfortable, reusable, affordable, and the best weapon to have while fighting this virus head on.” -Dr. Richard Brickner


    “As a dentist, I need to be able to wear a face shield and use my loupes with a light attachment at the same time when working on my patients. No other shield that I know of allows me to do that except the DP Defender.” -Dr. Thomas Fiocchi (D.D.S.)


    The face shield has been wonderful! Sturdy, easy to clean, and protective. I call it the ‘Cadillac’ of face shields!” -Dr. Bob Vottero


    Product Materials:

    Clear Shield- PETG Plastic (Reusable)

    Head Visor (Blue)- ABS Plastic (Washable)

    Foam Pad (Black)- Foam (Comfortable)

    Elastic Band (White)- Elastic (Adjustable)

    Weight of 1 Face Shield- 2.8 oz.



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